Animation Art Show 2014

Sunday 23rd November 2014


I haven't posted in a long time now so here we go! Recently I did a piece for this years Animation Art Show and I thought I'd put up a few progress images and a video showing the process I went through to get to the final piece.

I began with the idea of a rematch between the Tortoise and the Hare but this time the Tortoise has given the Hare his shell to even things up!

I began by roughly sketching out the design on my iPad using a program called ProCreate. I'm beginning to really enjoy the process of sketching on the iPad. Here is a clip of my somewhat sporadic sketching process!!

So when I got to this stage I then decided that I wanted it to look quite graphic rather than the more painterly style which I usually like, so I brought the sketch into Illustrator and re-drew it and coloured it. Here is how the final piece came out in Illustrator.

I wanted this piece to be a little bit different so I decided to have it printed onto layers of perspex to represent animation cels. So the Hare was on one layer and the Tortoise on another one in the foreground to give the piece some added depth. Both layers were then placed into a frame and I added a wooden laminate background. So here is the final artwork!

So overall I was happy with the piece and the Animation Art Show was another huge success raising over €20,000 for some great childrens charities. Already looking forward to submitting a piece for next year! 

Mini-Me Part Deux!

Monday 5th May 2014


It's taking me a long long time to finish him off (and he still has no shoes!). But I thought it was about time I put up a new blog post now that my mini-me puppet is very close to being finished.

In the first post on this puppet I left off at the point where I had the armature built and the head sculpted. 

From here I began to pad out the body using upholstery foam. I got two sheets of this foam and spray glued them together, sandwiching the armature in between.

Once glued I then trimmed back the foam using a scissors. When I had the shape I wanted I then refined it by wrapping it with foam athletic wrap. This gave the body a much smoother finish. 

Here are the stages of airbrushushing. I first primed the head in a white primer. Before spraying the base skin colour seen here in the 1st pic, I masked off the eyeballs with liquid latex. This meant I could airbrush the whole head and then remove the latex mask to reveal white eyeballs underneath. The beard was painted with a brush then dry brushed after to bring out the texture.

And here is the (very close to being) finished puppet! I've added sculpted milliput eyebrows and pupils which are stuck on using vaseline so they can be animated. 

Hopefully this fella will pop up on the homepage soon! 

Animation Art Show Submission

Wednesday 23rd October 2013


Thought I'd put up a quick post showing the stages of my painting submission to this years Animation Art Show. 

For people who haven't heard of the Animation art show you should check it out here!!! 

Basically a load of talented artists mostly working in the Animation industry, produce works of art and submit them to be auctioned off in aid of the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation and the LauraLynn House.

Its a great cause and also a really fun way of raising money for some great charity's.


I decided for some reason to paint a giraffe with a scarf and an aran jumper on, no idea why but hopefully someone will find great pleasure in it! So heres some pics of the making of it, please try to get to the Science Gallery on Pearse Street, Dublin on the 3rd of November to check out all the amazing submissions!!



Saturday 5th October 2013


First Blog post on my shiny new website so I thought I'd start it off with my latest puppet project.

I'm building a Mini-Me! 

So this is'nt just me being extremely narcissistic, this puppet will be animated in the Kickstarter campaign video which I am currently working on. I'm hoping that the puppet will make for slightly more interesting viewing than my mush but then also be a nice thing to animate and hopefully I can really act through the puppet. He'll also feature dotted around this website in place of the little sketch up the top left of the banner and in other places too, so keep an eye out for that!

So... without further to do... Heres how I made... Me!


So the first step as usual was to do a quick sketch, this wasn't so much for the likeness but more so to keep the size correct. Once, that was decided I began building the head by cutting a short piece of brass square tubing. this will slot into a smaller piece of brass at the neck, making the head removable.

I then kneaded up a piece of miliput and stuck it on top, this will act as a solid base to sculpt the head onto. 

Onto this ball of Miliput I began to add Sculpey.

I was starting to worry at this stage that it might be hard to sculpt my beard without making the head look really old! Need to keep my youthful looks while I can!

I changed the eyes to bigger spheres to try and make it a little more cartoony as it became quite a realistic sculpt. I was happy at this stage so all the head needed was a few final touches and a paint...

Here's the head primed and ready to be airbrushed, Ill include a section later on in the blog to show the painting process but for now I'll move onto the armature.

So I started out again by sketching out the shape of the body in relation to the size of the sculpted head. I then set out to carve a wooden pelvis and chest block. These will be the points to which all the rest of the armature will be anchored to.

Here I have added the armature wire to form the limbs. I've made sure to keep the wires as long as possible at all times, so some of the leg wires go up through the pelvis, through the chest and finish at the neck. Also the arm wires follow through from one side to the other, this gives the puppet less chance to wobble about and strengthens it. 

Here you can just about see the purplish hue around all of the joins. This is 2 part epoxy glue which sets rock hard, this eliminates any wobble from limb to limb by isolating each of them.

So here is the puppet with the head connected using the brass tube. I have also added lengths of Miliput to the bones areas. This will mean that the joints will bend in the right areas and not give a spaghetti like movement! The next step is to bulk it all out using upholstery foam. I'll go into this very soon!